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Building consultants specialising in remedial, water ingress & general building compliance in the built environment

Project managers & Quantity estimators specialising in strategic project planning & quality control in the built environment

"It had dawned on me that the occurrence of a defect was the result of some condition or action, and that it would be possible to eliminate defects entirely by pursuing the cause”    Shigeo Shingo      
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Facts & Stats

Are building defects common?

Unfortunately, the occurrence of general building defects is quite high. Research conducted by UNSW in 2012 found that 72% of apartment blocks in NSW have building defects and over 80% of apartment blocks in NSW built since 2000 have building defects.




What are the most commonly reported defects? 

  1. Internal water leaks - 42%

  2. Cracking to internal or external structures - 42%

  3. Water penetration from outside - 40%

  4. Guttering faults - 25%

  5. Defective roof coverings - 23%

  6. Defective plumbing - 22%

  7. Tiling problems - 20%

  8. Building movement - 17%

  9. Noise breakthrough - 17%

  10. Defective balcony balustrades - 15%   



What is water ingress and why is it a problem?

Water or moisture penetration from the outside of a building to the internal areas is generally referred to as water ingress. Water ingress can present in a variety of ways. A commonly known type is rising damp, which is often found in older buildings due to the breakdown of the original damp proof course over time. 





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Why Hydromedial?

It begins with experience. Decades spent immersed in the Industry, in all aspects. From custom designed cottages, basements through to multi-level & high-rise structures. Honing skills, initially technical leading to site management and on to specific skills & education in building diagnosis and project management. Exposure to all forms of construction from low cost residential through to high dollar commercial projects. Development and application of time-tested procedures, the ability to think critically and an inherent desire to improve outcomes  for clients and the industry overall.


Hydromedial offer an all-encompassing service. We collaborate with a highly experienced group of industry professionals including Structural, Hydraulic, Fire and Geo-technical Engineers. We provide a targeted approach to problem solving, utilising resources in a targeted way minimising project costs & overall impact to our clients.

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Hydromedial is the collaboration of a two careers in the construction industry, spanning 25 years, 3 continents and an ongoing curiosity in the built environment.


Underpinning everything we do is a desire to deliver an accountable and ethical perspective to what can be, at times an industry that falls short of expectations. 


Our aim is to assist all stakeholders within a project to collaborate effectively to provide cost efficient, high quality outcomes on project initiation, planning & execution, closure & most importantly, over the long term to improve life cycle outlay as well as longevity for the built environment. We appreciate resources are finite, be it time, money or materials. At Hydromedial these considerations are at the fore-front of every decision we make and every direction we take. Our aim is to provide the best overall outcome for each and everyone of our clients.


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