Hydromedial is the collaboration of two careers in the construction industry, spanning 48 years in total, 3 continents and an ongoing curiosity in the built environment. Collaboratively, our team have experience in custom designed cottages, basements, through to multi-level & high-rise structures.


Hydromedial has established a consultancy team that is committed to improving the life cycle outlay of each project and increasing the longevity of the built environment, by understanding the cause, the remedy, the impacts and the stakeholders. At Hydromedial, these considerations are at the fore-front of every decision we make, and every direction we take. 


Hydromedial deliver an all-encompassing service. We collaborate with a highly experienced group of industry professionals including Structural, Hydraulic, Fire and Geo-technical Engineers. We provide a targeted approach to problem solving, utilising resources in a targeted way minimising project costs & overall impact to our clients.