Hydromedial understand the challenges builders face in the commercial and residential built environment when it comes to planning for the worst or (risk). You may be faced with a difficult project due to site restraints, occupied residential buildings and commercial tenants, which if not planned correctly could cost you. Previously operating as licenced builders & commercial project managers ourselves, we can assist you in contracting project management services if you're resources, generating a strategic plan and project documentation that makes sense to you, your team and your client.


Hydromedial offer the following services


  • Contracting project management: We offer project management services on a per project basis, either on day rates or by the hour. We are able to price estimate our cost based on your construction programme to ensure your tender budget remains in tact and we are fully insured.
  • Strategic planning: Building without a strategy is risky. We review all project documentation including DA conditions, inspection points and additional client or tender restraints and expectations to produce strategic plan your team can implement.
  • Detailed programmes: We can assist in developing a detailed programme based on your tender or contractual restraints and strategic planning.
  • Project plans: Following your strategic planning, it's critical to get project plan in place to detail all stages and responsibilities, communication and quality control methods in an easy to follow document for your team to collaborate on daily.
  • Site management plans: As you're aware the site management plan is a document your subcontractors rely on during site induction and daily use. Good plans should contain local authority conditions and communicate site restrictions and directional items.
  • Quality control : Hydromedial can assist with developing quality control forms and plans to help you reduce the risk on any give project or task.