Facility Managers


Providing safe, amenable and efficient commercial and residential spaces is the objective of all facility managers. Building failures such as substrate subsidence, roof leaks and damp can not only be a danger to occupants but can also be a deterrent to future occupants.  Hydromedial can assist busy building managers with clear diagnosis of these and any other building defects. Hydromedial can also assess the existing condition of buildings and provide maintenance schedules that clearly identify short and long-term maintenance goals.


Hydromedial services to the management community include:


  • Identification and analysis of water ingress within buildings via wall cladding. This type of external cladding failure is generally the result of more than one underlying defect. Hydromedial can diagnose any cladding installation and identify the cause of water ingress, therefore leading to the provision of a remedial solution.
  • Composite cladding inspections and reports providing clarity on the safety and compliance of recently installed or dated composite cladding materials.
  • Identification and analysis of water ingress via roof fabric failure. Water ingress during rain events is unfortunately an all too common occurrence and several different trades may have contributed to the issue. Hydromedial can undertake a comprehensive audit of a building’s roof fabric, including all abutments and intersections to provide a complete picture of where and why the water is coming in. A thorough schedule of rectifications works can then be generated.
  • Analysis of roof plumbing materials and installation compliance including box gutters, cladding abutments to masonry walls, flashings, parapet failure and storm water egress.
  • Dampness: At Hydromedial we take a holistic approach to identifying the underlying cause of damp in and around buildings of all types. Existing ground water conditions are considered. Drainage infrastructure as well as material use and installation including external cladding fabric, ventilation, flashings and glazing units are all assessed and solutions to the problems are provided. Hydromedial will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and scope of work documentation to resolve damp problems.
  • Review plans and specifications prior to the tender process to identify areas of non-compliance or ambiguity which may lead to costly variations during the construction phase of any building project.
  • Quantity estimating on building projects including maintenance, remedial work and building upgrades.
  • Tender management and contract administration: Hydromedial can produce the tender documentation, issue the documentation to builders, review the tender submissions and assess and compare tender submissions to achieve pricing clarity.
  • Hydromedial consulting can be engaged to undertake building audits and report on staged life cycle maintenance for internal and external elements of any building. These reports can be used by strata managers, facility managers, owner’s corporations and home owners to manage maintenance costs over the long term. Cost estimates can be applied to allow for fund allocation or strata fee management. 
  • Advise on material suitability and compatability with existing materials, i.e. in the case of heritage adaptive reuse or upgrades to commercial heritage buildings.
  • Incorrect application of materials and faulty workmanship: Hydromedial can identify and document areas of non-compliance relating to building works. If you have paid contractors to undertake building related works and the works have either failed or appear to be substandard we can conduct an inspection and provide a report setting out the findings.