Owners Corporations


Your experience of ownership within a community or strata title may be as simple as ownership of one half of a duplex on a single block of land, or a unit within a multi-level apartment complex spread over multiple titles.  As an owners committee, you may be planning on some upgrades, landscaping, building maintenance or remedial work. Hydromedial can guide you through any building related process and allow you to set goals and achieve outcomes in an efficient and proactive way.


Hydromedial provides the following services to owner’s corporations:

  • Assistance with preplanning for any type of building work.
  • Combustable cladding inspections and reports and overall project management of cladding replacement projects.
  • Provision of documentation and specification of any type of building work.
  • Quantity estimating for major and minor building works of any type.
  • Tender management & evaluation for major and minor works.
  • Project management: Overall project management includes contract administration, time management, staged inspections, site meetings with the clients, the builder and other stakeholders such as engineers, architects and contractors.
  • Forensic analysis and identification of issues relating to water ingress including basement flooding, drainage failure, ground subsidence, building fabric failure, composite cladding compliance, roof fabric failure, water proofing failure and concrete cancer.
  • Site inspection and reporting on any general building defects.
  • Maintenance scheduling based upon site inspections and building audits, with maintenance programs developed specifically for each property and strata plan.
  • Quality control inspections during building upgrades, refurbishment works and remedial construction.
  • Contract administration for any proposed building work.
  • Crisis management: If a project is underway and things are not going to plan, Hydromedial consulting can step in, assess the situation, liaise with the stakeholders, resolve the issues and essentially get the project back on track.