Services to Home Owners

For the uninitiated, navigating the construction industry can be a minefield. Hydromedial  can simplify the process, address any concerns you have and provide peace of mind when outcomes are determined.  If you require advice on building defect rectification, are thinking about building or renovating, currently in the planning stages or even if the project is underway, Hydromedial can assist. The service you require will depend upon your current situation. If you find you identify with one of the scenario’s below, you may benefit from our services.

Call Hydromedial if you are

  • In the pre-planning or planning stages of a renovation.
  • Preparing to build a new home with a local builder or a project home builder.
  • Unsure of the compliance of the composite cladding on your home.
  • Currently building a new home or extending an existing home.
  • Undertaking a renovation or a restoration of an existing home.
  • Enduring issues arising from water ingress such as rising damp, subsidence, a leaking roof or any other type of water or damp problem.
  • Experiencing difficulties with a project already underway.

Hydromedial will provide the following services

  • Identification of water ingress: Water ingress during rain events is unfortunately an all too common occurrence and several different trades may have contributed to the issue. Hydromedial  can undertake a comprehensive audit of a building’s external fabric, including all abutments and intersections to provide a complete picture of where and why the water is coming in. A thorough schedule of rectification works can then be generated.
  • Dampness: Hydromedial  take an integrated approach to identifying the underlying cause of damp in and around buildings of all types. Existing ground water conditions are considered. Drainage infrastructure as well as material use and installation including external cladding fabric, ventilation, flashings and glazing units are all assessed and solutions to the problems are provided. Hydromedial will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and solution for problems associated with dampness in buildings.
  • Review plans & specifications: We can identify areas of non-compliance or ambiguity prior to the tender process, which may lead to costly variations during the construction phase of your new home or addition.
  • Tender management & evaluation: Hydromedial can produce the tender documentation, issue the documentation to builders, review the tender submissions, and assess and compare submissions to achieve pricing clarity. Comparing tenders from builders can be a complex process as each submission is likely to be broken down in such a way as to not be easily comparable. We can provide clarity as well as determine whether the builder has included all items within the scope of work tendered for.
  • Quantity estimating: We estimate on proposed new build and renovation plans including major and minor works.
  • Project management: Hydromedial  can project manage new builds, renovations and restorations including heritage restoration. Overall project management includes, programming, financial planning, project quality planning, tender documentation, engagement of associated professions such as structural and hydraulic engineers, development or complying development application submissions to relevant authorities, quality testing & control inspections and contract administration.
  • Crisis management: If a project is underway and things are not going to plan, Hydromedial consulting can step in, assess the situation, liaise with the stakeholders, resolve the issues, and essentially get the project back on track.
  • Advise on material suitability & interaction with existing materials, i.e. in the case of additions or restoration to heritage properties. This service may also be applicable to new builds and contemporary renovations.
  • Critical stage inspections: Home owners may engage Hydromedial  independently of their builder for the purposes of quality control via staged inspections at critical stages of the construction process. Whilst the certifier will conduct staged inspections, we will conduct thorough compliance and quality control inspections of the works at various stages, providing clients with peace of mind during the construction phase and beyond.