Water Ingress

Locating the source of water entry into buildings is an area Hydromedial specialise in. Project requirements may differ but via invasive and non-invasive forensic analysis, our staff will determine the source of the ingress, identify underlying or contributing factors and if required, Hydromedial can develop a rectification strategy via the provision of a remedial design solution.


Water ingress services: 

  • Water ingress into basement carparks: The cause of these types of hydraulic failures can generally be attributed to combination of underlying defects leading to flooding, damp and humidity build-up. Hydromedial consulting will diagnose the cause of water ingress and deliver a plan for the rectification of these areas.
  • Water ingress within buildings via wall cladding: This type of external cladding failure is generally the result of more than one underlying defect. Hydromedial consulting can analyse any cladding installation and identify the cause of water ingress, therefore leading to the provision of a remedial solution.
  • Water ingress via roof fabric failure: Water ingress during rain events is unfortunately an all too common occurrence and several different trades may have contributed to the issue. Hydromedial consulting can undertake a comprehensive audit of a building’s roof fabric, including all abutments and intersections to provide a complete picture of where and why the water is coming in. A thorough schedule of rectifications works can then be generated.
  • Internal leak analysis: Areas such as bathrooms and laundries often present defects such as defective plumbing or waterproofing. Water ingress due to incorrectly installed windows and doors is another common area of internal water leaks.
  • Masonry restoration: Preserving our built environment through restoration is an important part of the work we do here at Hydromedial. Stonework and brickwork are woven into our public and private buildings throughout NSW. Masonry deterioration is unsightly and left un-checked, can lead to more serious structural failure and loss of amenity. Hydromedial can identify a variety of problems which may cause or accelerate masonry deterioration, be it localised damp issues, drainage issues, the incorrect application of surface treatments and mortars. We can provide specific advice on the re-introduction of lime-based mortars into the restoration of masonry buildings, as well as material compatibility where adaptive reuse situations arise.
  • Subsidence: Ground subsidence may present as a sunken floor, cracked concrete driveway, cracks in masonry, structures leaning over. We can assess any type of issue related to subsidence as well as diagnose the cause of the subsidence.
  • Dampness: At Hydromedial consulting we take a wholistic approach to identifying the underlying cause of damp in and around buildings of all types. Existing ground water conditions are considered. Drainage infrastructure as well as material use and installation including external cladding fabric, ventilation, flashings and glazing units are all assessed and solutions to the problems are provided. Hydromedial will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and solution for problems associated with dampness in buildings.