Why Us?

It begins with experience and what sets us apart is our expertise in communication. The Hydromedial team have decades spent immersed in multiple sectors of the industry in technical construction to management & design, so we understand the frustrations of all stakeholders, and we know how to avoid them.


Take comfort in knowing our experience is proven;

  • Hydromedial operate under a quality & environmental management system which ensures consistency & accuracy across everything we do.
  • Both Directors are Licenced Master Builders.
  • Our Project managers are accredited & registered through the Australian Institute of Project Management. 
  • We are insured for Public Liability to the sum of $20M.
  • We are insured for Professional Indemnity up to $5M.

Areas we can help are:

  • Forensic defect analysis with a focus on issues relating to water ingress. Water ingress can present a diverse number of symptoms from superficial to structural. It can be challenging to diagnose at times but also highly rewarding when the results are in.
  • Developing strategies to remedy building failure with the application of historically proven building methods combined with the latest technical improvements in both methods and materials with a view to life cycle extension to your building.
  • Identifying potential design flaws prior to construction. Through careful review of site plans, proposed materials & site conditions such as drainage, aspect, and location. A small change on the design could save the owner time and money on remedial work or energy consumption down the track. 
  • Maintenance scheduling based upon site assessments. Having a maintenance schedule in place can equip the owner with the knowledge to increase the longevity of your product. 
  • Cost evaluations and general estimating of defect remediation & new construction. Have your project estimated prior to tender stages. Having a project estimated pre-tender stage gives a level of control on the financials and reduces the risk of inflated costing from suppliers.
  • Qualifying the right contractors for your project. This is the riskiest part of any project, but we are consistent & accurate in how we select & recommend contractors for your project.
  • Expert project management & superintendency consulting on small to large scale projects is something we take pride in. We utilise our cross-industry experience and education to strategically plan each project with a focus on good communication and minimal impact.