Why Us?

It begins with experience. Decades spent immersed in the industry, in all aspects. From basement building and remediation through to multi level highrise structures and fit out. Honing skills, initially technical leading to site management and on to specific skills in building diagnosis and project management. Exposure to all forms of construction from low cost residential through to high dollar civil projects. Development and application of time tested procedures, the ability to think critically and an inherent desire to improve outcomes be it for clients or the industry overall.


At Hydromedial we are results driven and provide excellent service in the following areas:

  • Forensic defect analysis with a focus on issues relating to water ingress is an area of expertise. Water ingress can present a diverse number of symptoms. It can be challenging to diagnose at times but also highly rewarding when the results are in.
  • Developing strategies to remediate building failure is a process we specialise in. The application of historically proven building methods combined with the latest technical improvements in both methods and materials.
  • Developing strategies to mitigate the further likelyhood of building failure with a view to life cycle extension. 
  • Identifying potential areas of failure prior to construction. Through careful examination of site plans, proposed materials, onsite assessments, audits of existing buildings prior to extensions / additions/ refurbishment, and assessment of site conditions such as drainage, aspect, and location.
  • Maintenance scheduling based upon site assessments via building audits and / or defect analysis.
  • Material suitability and application evaluation.
  • Cost evaluations and general estimating of defect remediation, new construction and low rise residential development.