Services to Owners Corporations

Your experience of ownership within a community or strata title may be as simple as ownership of one half of a duplex on a single block of land, or a unit within a multi-level apartment complex spread over multiple titles.  As an owners committee, you may be planning on some upgrades, landscaping, building maintenance or remedial work. Hydromedial can guide you through any building related process and allow you to set goals and achieve outcomes in an efficient and proactive way.

Hydromedial provides the following services to owner’s corporations

  • Builder’s warranty reports: Buildings that are covered by home warranty insurance should be inspected prior to the conclusion of the warranty cover period. This will be either two, six or seven years from the date of occupation, depending upon the type of class of the building and when the policy was activated. Hydromedial  can undertake a site inspection of any property that is covered and will provide a defect report which can be directed to the builder. If the builder has gone into liquidation or can no longer be located, Hydromedial  can provide a report to the home warranty insurer, so as the necessary rectification works can be carried out.
  • Defect & NCAT compliance reporting compliant building reports.
  • Combustible composite cladding inspections: Fire safety compliance is one of the most focused on parts of the Building Code of Australia coupled with current statutory acts, today. We can supply compliance reports, request comparable pricing from contractors and suppliers and overall project management of cladding replacement to any building.
  • Fire orders: You may have received a Fire Order Notification, which may include non compliances around combustible claddings, internal linings, doors, entry & exit paths, fire suppression systems and smoke alarms. Hydromedial will facilitate the process seamlessly, while looking after your best interest.
  • Complete design documentation: Forensic analysis & identification of issues relating to hydraulic, structural, fire, electrical, civil & architectural. We diagnose the root cause and related services or failures surrounding it, to deliver and manage a complete design package including reporting & specifications.
  • Maintenance scheduling: We develop maintenance programs specific to each property and strata plan, based upon site inspections and building audits.
  • Quantity estimating: Estimating in the built environment requires knowledge of how it’s constructed & deconstructed. We supply this experience in our estimating combined with the identification & quantification of risk to major and minor works.
  • Tender management: The tender management process includes critical sourcing and review of each supplier or contractor to ensure their expertise and business practices are to the benefit of each project and its existing stakeholders. We strictly manage this process through an internal quality system. Services include; producing tender documentation, the delivery & management the documentation, review & compare to produce pricing clarity & make formal recommendations to the client.
  • Quality control: Our quality inspection process begins in our planning. Each item and stage are carefully documented to include the intention of the scope and the testing and inspection required to meet that intention.
  • Contract administration: Our ability to manage high levels of information that form part of each project, ensure each contract is drafted, administered, and closed successfully following our internal quality processes, for major and minor works.
  • Overall project management:  We provide strategic planning which includes, programming, financial planning, project quality planning, tender documentation, engagement of associated professions such as structural, fire and hydraulic engineers, quality testing & control inspections, development or complying development application submissions to relevant authorities and contract administration to major and minor works.
  • Crisis management: If a project is underway and things are not going to plan, Hydromedial consulting can step in, assess the situation, liaise with the stakeholders & develop a new strategy to get the project back on track.