Water Ingress

Hydromedial specialize in building diagnosis relating to water ingress. We often locate multiple defects or failures in the building fabric causing leaks within a building. Whether it’s coming from above, below or somewhere in between we can identify the cause and provide workable and effective solutions to the problems. Specific services relating to water ingress are listed below.

  • Forensic analysis and identification of issues relating to water ingress include but are not limited to basement flooding, drainage failure, ground subsidence, building fabric failure, roof fabric failure, water proofing failure and concrete cancer.
  • Identifying leaks caused by defective workmanship or non-compliant roof cladding, flashings or cladding materials.
  • Analysis of roof plumbing materials and installation compliance including box gutters, cladding abutments to masonry walls, flashings, parapet failure and stormwater egress.
  • Forensic analysis and identification of the cause of basement failure. This may relate to, or be a combination of, compromised or non-compliant waterproofing membrane, drainage infrastructure or wall or floor structure to name a few common causes.
  • Dampness: At Hydromedial we take a holistic approach to identifying the underlying cause of damp in and around buildings of all types. Existing ground water conditions are considered. Drainage infrastructure as well as material use and installation including external cladding fabric, ventilation, flashings and glazing units are all assessed and solutions to the problems are provided. We will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and solution for problems associated with dampness in buildings.
  • Identifying the cause of general dampness within and around structures and landscaped areas. Triggers for this type of diagnosis may be subsiding ground or excessive ground dampness.